History in Brief

Freelance and Incubators

While pursuing a degree in Biophysics at SUNY Geneseo, a friend and I started a small web design company building applications and websites for local businesses.

I was hired at a venture accelerator, Startfast, to provide design and development support for eight early-stage startups.

My freelance work continued with a startup connecting STEM students with internships at top universities. Gradfly, our company, was accepted into the inaugural class at Z80 Labs, an incubator program in Buffalo, NY.

SaaS-y Social Startups

FDBK, Inc. (read: "feedback") hired me as their Lead Product Designer to build their new mobile web experience. FDBK was a real-time customer relationship manager which aimed to make it easy for business owners to authenticly communicate and build loyalty with customers. It was a fascinating challenge creating a business-minded application that was driven by a fun, social component. You can read more about my work with FDBK here.

During my time in New York, I also frequently consulted for other social startups, including a video sharing iOS app called Ocho and secure document collaboration application.

B2B Behavioral Healthcare

I joined myStrength, Inc, an organization that provides resources to people struggling with mental health challenges. Working through national insurance companies, as well as public healthcare providers, myStrength provides individuals across the US with access to affordable behavioral healthcare.

myStrength provided an opportunity to reach demographics


When I'm not working on the web, you can usually find me somewhere in the mountains or bike trails around Denver.

My mountain bike on a train in Moab.